Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Webcams: Advantages and Disadvantages

Webcams allow users to communicate with both audio and video technology. They are becoming so popular that many new computers and laptops have built-in webcams. Advantages and disadvantages of this technology are listed below. Please comment with your experience with webcams.

Advantages of webcams:
  • Able to interact with people across long distances
  • Becoming more and more easy to use
  • Both sound and video is used, making the communication more sophisticated
  • Users can use the webcam to save videos they film to watch later or send to others
  • Many webcams can also be used as a still camera

Disadvantages of webcams:
  • Feed when videochatting can be choppy/pixelated
  • Discourages people to interact face-to-face
  • Hackers can enable webcams even when the owner is not aware
  • Can be used to film innappropriate/illegal videos
  • Privacy in computer users is decreasing-- most people can be found somewhere on the web


Please add to advantages and disadvantages of this technology. Also, please share your experience with the technology.